The addition of Rubber Sealed Edges decreases wear and tear of the sleeve while increasing durability. The edges are impact resistant, therefore the chances of impact damage on the side of the sleeve are reduced.

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Designed for High Speed Presses

Durable Flexo Sleeves

Extreme Durability and Strength

Chemical Resistant Sleeves

Chemical Resistant

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Sleeve Layers Specifications


1. Dyneema Layer Flexo Sleeve_1000

  • 1 mm- Flexible and expandable innermost core. 
  • Contains Dyneema® that offers maximum strength with minimum weight.
  • Dyneema® doesn’t fray and is up to 40% stronger than aramid fibers such as Kevlar®.
  • Prevents slipping of the sleeve on the mandrel.
  • Extremely durable and resistant to moisture, UV light and chemicals.

2. Foam Layer Flexo Sleeve_1000

  • 1 mm – Compressible pre-compressed Foam Layer.
  • The compressible pre-compressed Foam Layer has high rebound resilience and is up to 50% compressible without bulging.
  • Resistant to permanent deformation, good abrasion resistance, resistance to aging, weathering and cleaning solvents used for polymer plate cleaning.

3. Core Material Layer Flexo Sleeve_

  • Stitch, Bonded and Compressed Tech Core Material in various thicknesses.
  • Contains volumized fiber glass infused with Epoxy Vinyl-Ester-Resin.
  • Light weight with extreme high flexural strength and form stability.

4. Outer Surface Layer Flexo Sleeve_1000

  • 2,5 mm – Outer surface layer contains Epoxy Vinyl-Ester-Resin reinforced with technical filaments and polyester fleece.
  • The optimized thickness of the outer surface increases stiffness and forms stability over time
  • High chemical and temperature resistance with excellent tape mount and demount properties.
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