Tech Sleeve

Leading durable flexo printing sleeve

The Tech Sleeve is our most durable flexo sleeve solution. Built with military-grade materials like Dyneema and fibreglass infused with vinyl ester resins creates a truly long-lasting sleeve. We also have options to make the sleeve even more durable

  1. Rubber sealed edges to mitigate edge damage,
  2. Inner metal rings for slot protection,
  3. RFID for smart tracking and monitoring.
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Tech Sleeve flexo printing sleeve

Benefits of tech sleeves

Sleeve Materials

Sleeve Materials


Base Layer

Contains Dyneema that offers maximum strength with minimum weight and great abrasion resistance.


Compressible layer

This is a compressible foam layer that offers high rebound resilience, enables the sleeve to expand with perfect fit.


Tech core layer

Contains Sphere Core SBC which is a stitch-bonded material based on fibreglass. It offers great pressure resistance, water resistance and stability.


Outer surface layer

Contains Vinyl-Ester resin reinforced by a sandwich construction of fibreglass material which has great temperature and chemical resistance.

Sleeve options

Sleeve options


Smart Sleeve (RFID)

RFID embedded sleeve which allows for reading and writing for the purpose of identification. Works with new and our existing systems.


Rubber sealed edge

Prevents sleeve edge damage and damage to the positioning pins in the press and mounting machines.


Full metal inner ring

Durable registration slot solution that incorporates the registration slot in an inner metal ring which reduces wear of registration slot.


Metal cutting line

Prevents cutting damages to the sleeves surface layer by placing a 1,0mm thick metal strip on the surface.



Tech Sleeves offers sleeves and bridges with a certification of compliance in accordance with ATEX and NEC HAZLOC.

Sleeve Versions

Sleeve Version Tech
Sleeve Version Tech PRO
Sleeve Version TECH PRO+


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