The flexographic printing industry is constantly evolving. With the ever-growing competition and increasing demands from customers, efficiency is becoming a key factor for every flexo printer. Saving time in the pre-press, preventing costs due to damages, optimizing the workspace are some of the things that can make a huge difference. At Tech Sleeves, we understand the needs of our customers, which is why we have co-developed the semi-automatic sleeve storage system with AV Flexologic.

Sleeve Storage System: The Advantages

The main advantage of our storage system is that it organizes your sleeves so that they are easier to find when they are needed, saving a lot of time and making the entire process much more efficient. Additionally, the fact that the sleeves are stored vertically in our storage system, ensure that they do not deform over a long period of time. Additional features like the cushioned mat on the floor and a holder on the ceiling to prevent the sleeves from falling off when the racks move, provide extra protection for the sleeves.

The customized system allows storing sleeves with different dimensions in any amount. To optimize the space restrictions of the work floor, multiple-level rack system is used to take advantage of vertical space in a printing plant.

The semi-automatic sleeve storage system thus saves valuable operator time, while at the same time preventing damage and cost.

What the Customized Semi Automatic Storage Brings

Our customized Semi Automatic Sleeve Storage system allows easy access, storage and retrieval of sleeves. The Semi-Automatic feature entails that the horizontal movement of the racks is motorized by use of electric motors. This feature allows the user to input a repeat number or job on a touchscreen interface, through which the racks automatically “open” to the specific rack where the sleeves are stored.

sleeve storage

The operator enters a repeat size on the 22” touchscreen interface. The system then automatically ‘opens’ to this specific job. All racks can move simultaneously so the correct sleeve racks are opened within a minimal amount of time. A pressure-sensitive floor mat is placed along the complete length of the system, disabling movement of racks when it is triggered (for example when someone steps on the mat). Repeat sizes are programmed into a database during installation. Each repeat size corresponds with a specific location in the system. Custom ERP connections can be made for even higher levels of automation and planning of production workflow.

Given the space restrictions, the semi-automatic sleeve storage system is custom engineered to store sleeves of different dimensions. We suggest using a multiple level system, the easiest to handle sleeves on the upper level. Features of the sleeve storage system include a customized steel frame that accommodates suspended sleeve racks and a holder on the ceiling that prevents the sleeves from falling off when the racks move. This system can also be expanded in the future with additional racks.

Benefits of our Semi-Automatic Sleeve Storage System


  • Prevents sleeve damage
  • An organised way of storing sleeves
  • Custom engineered
  • Sturdy modular design
  • Made of tubular steel

Advantages of semi-automatic sleeve storage system

  • Easy and fast retrieval
  • No manual labour required to move sleeve racks
  • Possibility to connect to ERP for further automation
  • Most efficient use of space

Safety features

  • Multiple light beam safety devices
  • Pressure-sensitive floor mat

Our customized Semi Automatic Sleeve Storage system is the most efficient way of storing your sleeves. Its unique features like its ability to connect to the ERP system for further automation and the automatic movement of racks makes the semi-automatic sleeve storage system a desirable choice for flexo printers globally.

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