Tech Bridge® Soft is a specialized product (compressible adapter) used with “In The Round (ITR)” sleeves for seamless printing. These “seamless sleeves” grant the design to have a continuous background without retaining any seams in the design (for e.g. wallpaper or gift wrapping paper).

The seamless sleeves are mounted on a Tech Bridge Soft with compressed air. The Soft adapter also provides the compressibility needed for the print impression.

Tech Bridge® Soft

Tech Bridge® Soft is available in various shore hardness (ShA) of 40, 50 and 60 to archive the best possible print quality.

  • ShA of 40 is used to reduce dot gain
  • ShA of 50 is more suitable for technical screens and small texts
  • ShA of 60 allows increasing color transfer.

The different colored edge in Tech Bridge® Soft helps the operator to easily differentiate between different shore hardness.

Features and Options

Werkstoff – S Endstop Ring

The rubber ring prevents the seamless sleeve from sliding over the leading air holes.

Colored edges for different ShA

To help the operator to easily identify the different shore hardness.

Hard Chamfer

Hard chamfer at the leading edge pushes compressed air forward, for smoothly mounting and demounting the ITR sleeve.

Chemical Resistance

The compressible outer layer is coated with Vinyl-ester resin for supreme chemical resistance.

Sealed ends

Protects the core from damage by ink and solvents.

Full Inner Metal Ring

For a strong and durable slot solution. The specialized Tech Bridge® Soft (compressible adapter) is used for continuous printing. Its unique features and options like the end-stop ring, colored edges, hard chamfer, inner metal ring, sealed ends and its supreme chemical resistance makes the Tech Bridge® Soft a desirable choice for flexo printers

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