Thin Sleeve

Thin Sleeves: Tech Sleeve® Thin

Tech Sleeve® Thin is made out of Dyneema® to offer maximum strength at minimum weight. This layer of Dyneema® is infused with Epoxy Vinyl-Ester-Resin for extreme flexural strength, smooth mounting and form stability. The high quality materials used to build the sleeve ensures durability, consistency and dimensional stability.


1. Super strong and Light-weight

Dyneema® is world’s strongest fibre and doesn’t fray. It has excellent vibration-filtering characteristics. The actual density of Dyneema® is only 970 kg/m3, making it lighter than water. Tech Sleeves® Thin is thus stronger as well as lighter. Qualified for high printing speed of up to 800m/min, or 2,624 ft/min.

2. Chemical resistance

The thin infused layer provides high chemical and temperature resistance

3. High speed printing

Qualified for high printing speed of up to 800m/min, or 2,624 ft/min.

Milled out slot

The milled out slot is a feature of Tech Sleeve® Thin that fixes the sleeve in place on the mandrel or bridge.


    Tech Sleeve® Thin is perfect for applications when the outer diameter for printing is almost the same size or just slightly bigger than the printing cylinder. This new trend it has been commonly used in the last years of the flexographic industry offering a cost efficient solution.


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