Graduation project – Optimization of the Sleeve Storage System

"Take control of your own growth, all we ask is ownership, ambition and brains."

Introducing Tech Sleeves

Tech Sleeves is a start-up company in the Flexographic Industry. The what?! The flexographic industry is the bundle name for everything that has to do with the printing of packaging. All the products of Unilever, P&G and Danone etc. have to be packed and flexographic printed for branding. Started as a rubber stamp printing method, 60% of the printed packaging industry comprises of flexographic printing today. To know more about flexographic printing, check out the wikipedia page here.

Almost three years ago Tech Sleeves was founded by the Color Control Group, well known by the companies; AV Flexologic (mounting equipment) and Leapfrog (3D printers). Since the start, Tech Sleeves has been making flexographic printing sleeves, mounting adapters and pre-press supporting equipment. Due to a high demand and well-focused strategy the sales has been increasing and Tech Sleeves has not stopped growing since. Due to this success and worldwide expansion, Tech Sleeves is now looking for an intern to strengthen our team and help us in optimizing our best selling pre-press equipment - the sleeve storage system.

Description Of The Graduation Project

Tech Sleeves and AV Flexologic has brought to market an automated storage system, which commercially has become a great success. The next challenge lies in reducing the cost of production without limiting its functionality. Items which need to be investigated and improved are the following:
> Design for production.
> Efficient assembly.
> Part cost-analysis.
> Enhance modular design.
> Create a production flow.
> Optimize the offer process.
> Analyze the production flow in Cluj-Napoca, Romania.
Support from the AV Flexologic mechanical, software and electrical engineering teams will be provided. Both teams consist of young, hardworking, bright and most important; enthusiastic people. The innovative environment allows you to take control of your own actions as long as it successfully contributes to the rapid growth of the company and the ‘optimization of the Sleeve Storage System’

The team

graduation project

Robert Durieux

Sales and Marketing Manager

Candidates who want to apply for this internship can send their resume and motivational letter to:
+31 6 285 55 198
[email protected]

Please do not hesitate to contact (email or phone) if you have any questions!

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