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Tech Cover®


Tech cover®

Tech cover® is designed to protect your anilox sleeves against unintentional damage. By using Dyneema®, the world’s strongest fiber, Tech cover® provides maximum protection to your anilox sleeves, be it during transportation or while in storage. With perfect fit, customized according to your anilox sleeves, Tech cover® will ensure no more press downtime or expenditure on repairs due to nicks and scratches on your anilox sleeves.

Tech cover® is available in 5 different colors: Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Red and White. This will assist the operator in organizing the anilox storage and easily identify the sleeves, saving precious time in the press. Thus, Tech cover® not only extends the life of your anilox sleeves, but also saves time and money, making it the perfect shield for your anilox sleeves.


1. Extend the life of your anilox sleeves.
2. No more press downtime due to damaged anilox.
3. Reduced cost of repairs and replacements.
4. Organize your anilox storage with different colors.
5. Save time due to the easy identification process.

  • Available in 5 different colors
  • Inner ring

Features & options

  • Available in 5 different colors

    Makes identification process easier.

  • Inner ring

    Holds the Tech cover® in place on the anilox sleeves.


Possible options

Tech cover®Tech cover® ProTech cover® Pro+
Inner ring

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