TIR Measurement System

The TIR measurement system co-developed with AV Flexologic, is the winner of the International print & innovation award 2015. It analyses the quality of the printing sleeve or cylinder by measuring the ‘3D landscape’ of the surface. This information gives a thorough insight on the condition of the printing sleeve or the cylinder. With that, the TIR builds up a record of the exact condition of each printing sleeve or cylinder in stock. Subsequently the printing sleeves can be placed in the press with the right pre-settings.

A high quality laser takes the measurements with an accuracy of 5 micron. The accuracy of the TIR system allows monitoring the distance between the guiding rail and the full length of the axis. It calibrates any irregularities to ensure precision on micron level. A full report is generated to keep track of any irregularities. The operator can pre-set specific tolerances that defines whether the sleeve is still usable.

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