Sleeve Storage System

Sleeve storage system stores the sleeves vertically as storing them horizontally could cause deformation. It allows easy access, storage and retrieval of sleeves with an optional Semi-Automatic feature.

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Sleeve Storage System

This customized sleeve storage system allows easy access, storage and retrieval of sleeves with an optional Semi-automatic feature. The Semi-Automatic feature entails that the horizontal movement of the racks is motorized by use of electric motors. This feature allows the user to input a repeat number or job on a touchscreen interface, through which the racks automatically "open" to the specific rack where the sleeves are stored. Given the space restrictions, the sleeve storage system is custom engineered to store sleeves of different dimensions. We suggest to use multiple level system, with the most easy to handle sleeves on the upper level. Features of the sleeve storage system include a customized steel frame that accommodates suspended sleeve racks. The system can be expanded with several racks in the future.

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Features and Options

Sleeve storage

Semi Automatic

No Manual labour required to move sleeve racks


Safety Features

Multiple light beam safety devices

Tech Sleeves

Custom Engineered

For all different dimensions and quantities

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