Plate Demounter

Plate Demounter

The Plate Demounter

The Demounter is a machine mainly designed to prevent damaging the printing plates. The Demounter efficiently removes the flexographic printing plates and mounting tape from sleeves, without any damage. Along with saving plates, the machine will also save time and allow the operator to focus on other activities in the prepress department.

A motor driven silicon roller generates friction to pull the printing plates and mounting tape off the printing sleeve or cylinder. The roller divides equal force along the entire width of the printing plate, as opposed to the edges, which protects the printing plates from any damage.

1. The operator loads the printing sleeve onto the shaft (one-size-fits-all), peels of the edge of the printing plate and holds it against the silicon roller.
2. The foot pedal is pressed to move the silicon roller.
3. The operator unloads the printing sleeve from the shaft.

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