Water washable printing plate

Since the 1980s, AllFlexo has been a reliable partner for the flexo market. Bringing peace of mind for customers and maximizing their efficiency and productivity while reducing their risks and costs is the main aim at AllFlexo. This is why AllFlexo has partnered with Toyobo to offer the revolutionary water washable printing plates for the flexographic industry.

Toyobo water washable flexo plates are durable to water-based ink and solvent-based UV-ink. These plates from Toyobo have a black layer mask as well as an oxygen-inhibition layer integrated into the plate, sealing the plate automatically for any oxygen-inhibition effects. The result is an extremely high-quality print and near 1:1 reproduction due to a flat top dot, small dot gain and phenomenal ink transfer. Thus, Toyobo water washable flexo plates can outperform most plates in the market.

Additionally, the processing time required for these plates is only 45 minutes, saving time, energy and costs for the flexo printers. Since it only needs mild detergent and not solvents for the processing, these plates are user friendly, environment friendly and it reduces the costs for a flexo printer even more.

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