Doctor Blades

Tech Blades offers very high quality and long lasting doctor blades, which has been specifically developed for flexographic printing. Taking into account the needs and requirements of the industry, Tech Blades uses a raw material which has been constructed from the purest Swedish steel available on the market worldwide. No non-metallic components such as sulfates can be found in Tech Blades’ steel (such as in steel that is coming from Asia).

Tech Blades has partnered with an experienced producer of doctor blades. The production uses the best equipment available on the market worldwide. Therefore Tech Blades is able to offer very strict tolerances of a few micron combined with a phenomenal surface finish.

Tech Blades offers doctor blade specialized for the worldwide flexographic printing industry. Extreme smoothness, straightness, uniform wear and surgical precision is what qualifies a Tech Blade, resulting in the lowest doctor blade pressure required.

Tech Blades

Tech Blades

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