3D printed sleeve or adapter

Tech Sleeves co-developed the concept of light-weight 3D printed sleeve adapters with its sister company Leapfrog, a company manufacturing worldwide high-end professional 3D Printer. The main objective was to reduce the weight of the mounting adapter while creating a customized solution that enhances performance. Leapfrog 3D printers provided a solution by designing and building the XceL industrial 3D Printer.

With Xcel, the most advanced and tallest 3D printer available, it became possible to build sleeves up to 2.2 meters (86″) in length and diameters up to 430 mm (17”). Combining the development of Leapfrog’s patented 3Dprinting technology with the advanced composite manufacturing technology of Tech Sleeves, the first set of mounting adapters were built for customer testing. After this revolutionary product cleared the final stages of the testing process, this concept is now being used to make our ultra light-weight mounting adapters.

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Benefits of a 3D printed sleeve



Up to 2.2 meters (86″) in length and diameter of up to 430 mm (17”).


Weight Reduction

3D Printed sleeve weighs almost 50% less compared to a normal sleeve.

Process efficiency

Improved performance

The cost and time of production is reduced.

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