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Mounting Machines:

Tech Sleeves is a sister company of the renowned company, AV Flexologic specialized in making plate mounting equipment and pre-press equipment. Using patented technologies on robotics and image recognition software, AV Flexologic supplies the most accurate machines in its product category. The state-of-the-art flexo plate mounting equipment and pre-press equipment provides high-end, high-precision, and high-quality; makes AV Flexologic the global leader. AV Flexologic’s mission is to deliver highly innovative solutions for the flexographic printing industry. Saving costs, increasing efficiency and quality for customers is the main motto at AV Flexologic.

Mounting machine



Printing Plates

Since the 1980s AllFlexo has been a reliable partner for the flexo market. Bringing peace of mind for customers and maximise their efficiency and productivity while reducing their risks and costs is the main aim at AllFlexo. This is why AllFlexo has partnered with Toyobo to offer the revolutionary water washable printing plates for the flexographic industry.

Toyobo water washable flexo plates are revolutionary CTP plates that are durable to water-based ink and solvent-based UV-ink. Toyobo water washable CTP flexo plates have a black layer mask as well as an oxygen-inhibition layer integrated into the plate, sealing the plate automatically for any oxygen-inhibition effects. The result is an extremely high-quality print due to a flat top dot, small dot gain and high ink transfer. Thus, Toyobo water washable flexo plates can outperform any thermal or solvent-based plate in the market.

printing plates



Tech Blades

Tech Blades offer very high quality and long lasting doctor blades, which has been specifically developed for flexographic printing. Taking into account the needs and requirements of the industry, Tech Blades uses a raw material which has been constructed from the purest Swedish steel available on the market worldwide. No non-metallic components such as sulfates can be found in Tech Blades’ steel (such as in steel that is coming from Asia).Tech Blades has partnered with an experienced producer of doctor blades. The production uses the best equipment available on the market worldwide. Therefore Tech Blades is able to offer very strict tolerances of a few micron combined with a phenomenal surface finish.Tech Blades offers doctor blades specialized for the worldwide flexographic printing industry. Extreme smoothness, straightness, uniform wear and surgical precision is what qualifies a Tech Blade, resulting in the lowest doctor blade pressure required.

tech blade


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