Tech Bridge® Soft

Tech Bridges® Soft, or ‘Soft Adapters’ or ‘Soft carriers’ are specialized products, used to print with In The Round sleeves (‘ITR’). These ‘seamless sleeves’ are generally used with traditional plate mounting for designs that need a continuous background colour, such as white or varnish. The soft outer layer of the adapter provides the compressibility needed for the required print impression.

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Features and Options

Bayonet lock

With this slot the mandrel and bridge are inseparable.

Sealed Edges

Sealed edges

Protects the core from damage by ink and solvents.

Tech Sleeve

Separate Air & Air Through

All Tech Bridges® are available as either Air-through or Separate-air.


Possible options
Bridge Sleeve
Tech® Pro+
Inner metal ring incl. Bayonet slot
Air Through or Separate Air
Sealed Edges
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