Bridges / Adapters

What is a Bridge/Adapter?

Printing Adapter or Bridges are pneumatic or hydraulic adapters used in the flexographic printing industry to ‘bridge’ the gap between a printing press mandrel and the inner diameter of printing sleeve. The bridge is designed to increase the size of the mandrel in the press. It is used especially when the outer diameter for the printing is big. The bridge eliminates the need for sleeves with a high wall thickness, which makes the sleeve lighter and cheaper. Bridges are more cost efficient. They are also known as adapter sleeves or format adapter sleeves, mounting sleeves, carriers or bridging sleeves.


What we do?

At Tech Sleeves®, we manufacture composite plate sleeves and bridges (adapters) for the global flexographic printing industry. We understand the problems in the industry and therefore build the sleeves/adapters using highest quality of materials to provide durability, consistency and dimensional stability. We use 2-component vinyl-ester epoxy resin combined with Spherecore and Dyneema® to build up the core of the sleeves and bridges. All our products have supreme chemical resistance as it is protected against most chemicals used in the flexographic industry, with a special and unique compound. The volumized fiberglass infused with Epoxy Vinyl-Ester-Resin strengthens the core of the sleeve and guarantees form stability, thereby ensuring resistance to bouncing. It is qualified for high printing speed of up to 800m/min, or 2,624 ft/min. In addition to these high quality materials, Tech Sleeves® also offers additional features like sealed edges, the full inner metal ring and the metal cutting line to increase the sleeve lifetime. The outer metal ring reinforces the pin, ensuring perfect registration and increases the durability of the bridge. RFID chips and magnets can be added to both sleeves and bridges on request.


                                                                                   This is our product portfolio:
Tech Bridge® Hard

Hard Bridge is used to increase the size of the mandrel in the press. A sleeve reaches its limitations after a certain wall thickness. Hard Adapter eliminates the need for sleeves with a high wall thickness by bridging the gap in the circumference. Moreover, it is light-weight when compared to thick walled sleeves, making it easier to handle. It is also cost-efficient.

       hard bridge        hard bridge       hard bridge


Tech Bridge® Soft

Tech Bridges® Soft, or ‘Soft Adapters’ or ‘Soft carriers’ are specialized products, used to print with In The Round sleeves (‘ITR’). These ‘seamless sleeves’ are generally used with traditional plate mounting for designs that need a continuous background colour, such as white or varnish. The soft outer layer of the adapter provides the compressibility needed for the required print impression.

              soft bridge       axial line


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