The Derakane™ Vinyl Ester resin Advantage

When we build our Sleeves and Bridges, we make sure that they are durable but also lightweight. Careful selection of materials is very critical. This is due to heat, various pressures and corrosive chemicals.

Although metal would appear to be the obvious choice, this is untrue. Metal corrodes over time and this is costly when looking in the long term. Furthermore, metal is heavy and ductile which can cause more problems.

As mentioned in our previous article, we use Dyneema for the inner sleeve/bridge layer due to its strength. But to make a stronger Sleeve or Bridge, the core of the product is as important. Our Lightweight technology allows us to build a lightweight sleeve that is more durable and stiffer.

Why use Derakane Vinyl Ester resin?

The Derakane Vinyl Ester resin has excellent chemical and corrosion resistance. Additionally, Derakane is used in applications requiring global consistency and proven performance, with a high resistance to oxidizing acids, and solvents. The UV-cured Derakane Vinyl Ester resin creates a hard sleeve (82 ShD) which is significantly higher than the market’s standard.