Features of Tech Sleeves®

Additional features

At Tech Sleeves, we continuously develop products that enhance the printing performance and quality, while offering innovative features and services for your benefit. These additional features help in extending the lifespan of your sleeves.

At Tech sleeves®, we offer printing sleeves and bridges (adaptors) for the flexographic printing industry. We believe that we can increase the printing quality and overall efficiency through a combination of experience and innovation. Our vision is to continuously develop products that enhance performance and quality while offering innovative features and services to strategically position the company worldwide.

We understand the problems in the industry and therefore build the products using unique high-quality materials to ensure durability, consistency and dimensional stability.

Full inner metal ring

The full inner metal ring prevents damage to the inner edge of the sleeve that can be caused by hitting the pin while positioning. The diameter of the metal ring is slightly wider than the core to avert mandrel damage as well.

Sealed ends

Sealed ends provide extra protection to the sleeves from chemicals, solvents and inks used in the industry. Epoxy thermopolymer used to seal the ends has supreme chemical resistant properties.

Metal cutting line

The metal cutting line prevents the sleeve from damage while cutting tape. It has the same density as the outer surface of the sleeve to ensure that it does not influence the print result.

Outer metal ring incl. pin

The outer metal ring on the adapter provides a sturdy and durable support to the pin, increasing the durability of the sleeve and the bridge.  The pin enables perfect positioning of the sleeve.