8 tips to improve the lifespan of your sleeves

                             The tips below illustrate how to use and care for your sleeves in order to get the best performance.



1. Wait 24 hours

After receiving a new set of sleeves, let them rest for 24 hours after unpacking so that it adapts to the environment in the factory.


stand up

2. Storing Sleeves

Store the sleeves in an upright standing position on the mat at a consistent temperature and humidity.


wait 20 seconds

3. Wait 20 seconds

CDA forms a cushion to mount and demount the sleeves smoothly. Waiting approx. 20 seconds to allow this air to escape ensures proper mounting.



4. Dry before use

Allow the sleeves to dry as using a wet sleeve may cause the tape to not stick properly, resulting in substandard prints.



5. Avoid silicon spray

Avoiding silicon spray in the prepress department helps the tape stick better.



6. Spread force

Avoid exerting excessive pressure towards the edges of the plate or tape while demounting it.



7. Cutting knife

The positioning of the cutting knife in a slight angle on the tape ensures a tight fit.



8. Clean before use

Clean the sleeve before use to remove the dust particles as it can prevent proper adhesion of the tape.

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