slot damage

How to prevent slot damage?

Slot damage is a common problem in the industry. The pin on the mandrel can damage the edge of the printing sleeve if it hits the sleeve while positioning. This can lead to various problem like:


a. Sleeve Swelling: As the ink can easily enter the open/damaged core of the sleeve, slot damage can lead to sleeve swelling.


b. Poor print quality: Damaged slot doesn’t fix the sleeve on the mandrel, which could cause slipping and may affect the print quality.


c. Influences sleeve mountability: With a damaged slot, the operator needs more time to position the sleeve properly, leading to press downtime.


d. Decreased sleeve lifespan: Slot damage reduces the life of the sleeve.


e. Additional costs for replacing the sleeve: Additional costs have to be incurred for replacing the sleeves.


How to prevent slot damage?




The perfect solution to prevent slot damage is to have a Tech Sleeve with a full inner metal ring. The diameter of the metal ring is slightly wider than the core, to ensure easy mounting and as the metal doesn’t touch the mandrel at any point, it doesn’t damage the mandrel. Therefore, not only does the full inner metal ring provide a strong and durable slot solution, but it also saves cost on buying new printing sleeves.

  • Extensive mounting and demounting can damage the slot. Find out how we solve this.

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