Constantia Flexibles is the world’s fourth largest producer of flexible packaging.
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Constantia Flexibles is an important client that manufactures tailor-made packaging solutions at 40 sites in 18 countries worldwide. They supply to various multinationals and local companies in food, pet food, pharmaceuticals and beverage industries. They believe in leading technology, highly efficient production facilities, premium positioning and customer proximity.

Constantia conforms to the 4 P’s of Packaging: Preservation, Protection, Promotion and Presentation. They understand that packaging is one of the most crucial products that serves a purpose for a brand and that it exists in various shapes, colors, sizes and designs. Therefore, they focus a lot on high quality. For a high quality outcome, they need to ensure that they also have high quality materials, which is why we have been their most preferred choice of sleeve supplier. Constantia is a happy customer that has been doing business with us since the year 2017.

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